Walk-Through Consultation

A competitive housing market means buyers need to be prepared to make decisions quickly to gain that competitive advantage. Home Vantage’s Home Buying Consultation can help home buyers more fully understand a potential property’s advantages and disadvantages.


This service is NOT a home inspection, but our inspectors will walk through a showing to share their observations, concerns, and insights so you can be more informed when you put an offer on your new home. 


Connect with your agent to invite your Home Vantage consultant to the showing. They should let the selling agent know.


Book your appointment to correspond with your showing. If the Home Vantage consultant is booked, please call 316.789.5778.


At your Home Vantage Walk-Through Consultation you will get a checklist and resources to help you evaluate your potential purchase.

Keys To The New Place

Length: 30 minutes walkthrough

Report: No report. 

Tools: A flashlight

Price: $125 for the first home, subsequent home as long as it is bac-to-back is free within 10 miles.  

Home consultations done right.

Move with confidence.